Christopher Ellenor

Canadian Citizen
Millbrae, CA, USA
(510) 473-7229

Where's the Resume?

On this page I'm endeavouring to showcase my experience in a more visual manner. Click on the images for more information. You can download a more traditional, printable resume here.

Work Experience

Triple Ring Technologies, Newark, CA

March 2014 - Present: Senior Physicist

Stanford Electrical Engineering, Stanford, CA

2012 - 2014: Postdoctoral Reasearcher, MRSRL, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

2003 - 2010: Teaching Assistant , senior physics labs, introductory physics tutorials
    - Led first year tutorial sections of appx. 40 students, administered and graded quizzes
    - Mentored appx. 10 students on senior-level physics experiments. Administered oral examinations.

Before Graduate School (Ancient History)

2002-2003: English Teacher EOS Kids, Suwon, South Korea
    - Prepared and presented lessons to classes of 12 students ages 15 and under
1999: Summer Intern, Web Designer Altechna, Vilnius, Lithuania
1997, 1998: Engineering Intern Siebe Fluid Systems, London, ON, Canada

Hardware Projects

RF and Embedded Technology at Stanford

Wireless Sensors
Developed custom wireless sensors to operate in an MRI environment to detect respiratory and cardiac motion, as well as current on wires. Curent versions are based on the ATMega128RFA1, and original prototypes used XBee radios. I also have a home network to measure and log temperature.
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Wireless MRI Coils
Prototyped and evaluated system for inductive synchronization of sampling clock, FPGA-based 80 MSPS acquisition, data collection using Beaglebone Black (AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8) PRU

Rung Current Measurement
A network of optical sensors measures current on individual rungs of an MRI birdcage coil. Includes custom microcontroller-actuated multiplexer.
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RF Safety Prescreen
Demonstrated detection of dangerous patient implants in MRI, using low-power coil impedance probes. Devised a safe scan procedure using impedance data.

From my PhD - Building a Physics Experiment

Diode Laser Network Sub-MHz frequency stabilization using current and temperature in conjunction with saturated absorption spectroscopy, injection locking, beam-shaping optics, polarization optics, acousto-optics, tapered amplifiers, optical fiber

Vacuum System Constructed, baked, maintained dual-chamber system, pressures less than 10^(-11) Torr (UHV)

Other laser systems Measurement using photodiodes, wavemeters, Fabry-Perot cavities, shear plate interferometers, beam profiliers, CCD imaging. Some experience with argon ion, helium-neon lasers, pulsed fiber lasers

Magnetic Gradient Coils Designed coils and electronics to carry 250A, be switchable in <1ms, dissipate 5 kW heat. Housing designed for robust structural and thermal properties.

Optical Barrier Beam Designed optical system to produce ``sheet of light'' time-averaged optical potential. A nearly diffraction limited beam is scanned with acousto-optics, using a custom waveform generated using a genetic algorithm and CCD feedback.

Magnetic Field Driver Supplied 20A at 10kHz to coils, with feedback stabilization of ampltude. USB programmable, triggering and shutoff from external pulses.


Programming / Scripting
Matlab, Labview, C++, Maple, Python, Verilog

Systems Integration
Wrote software to synchronize commercial and home-built experimental components to microsecond precision (Labview, Verilog)

Modeling and Analysis
Image analysis, quantitative modelling of experiment for troubleshooting and data analysis, tomography of quantum states (Matlab, Labview)


University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

2003-2011: PhD, Physics (Convocation: June 2011)

Bose-Einstein Condensate Wavefunction Reconstruction Through Collisions with Optical Potentials
I have investigated a novel technique to measure the quantum wavefunction of a Bose-Einstein Condensate both theoretically and experimentally. Work includes extensive design, construction and evaluation of an experimental apparatus.

2001-2002: MSc, Physics

Two-Photon Quantum Process Tomography and the Superoperator
Constructed and demonstrated the first experiment to perform process tomography on two-photon entangled systems, generated by nonlinear down-conversion.

Queen's University, Kingston, ON

1996-2001: BSc (Hons.), Engineering Physics

Universität Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

1999-2000: Exchange Year - studies in physics, engineering, languages

More About Me

Language and Travel
Before doing my PhD, I managed to spend a couple of years abroad, studying as an exchange student in Germany, working in Lithuania, and then teaching English for a year in South Korea. Most recently I was in Sweden (2012) and Pakistan (2010). For a brief look at some of the places I saw in between, check out my travel page.

I've really enjoyed the study of languages, and have become fluent in German, intermediate in French and Russian, with some knowledge of Korean, Urdu

I enjoy playing team sports like hockey, soccer and basketball, and also cycling and hiking

I like to make things, and have microcontroller-based projects scattered around my house, as well as some things that I have made out of wood, like a bed, shelves, etc.

I made this bed for fun (and sleeping). Click here for the blog I kept. In grad school I helped start an intramural hockey team. Here's me playing on it, though I'm not sure why I'm in a jersey of the hated Montreal Canadiens. Here I am relaxing in Fairy Meadows, at the foot of Nanga Parbat. Back at Queen's I was a mainstay in the German Theatre Group. Here I am playing the American in Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald

Refereed Publications

Observation of transient momentum-space interference during scattering of a condensate from an optical barrier
R. Chang, S. Pontis, C. W. Ellenor, M. Siercke, A. Hayat, A. M. Steinberg
Phys. Rev. A, 88, 053634 (2013)

Diagnosis, Prescription, and Prognosis of a Bell-State Filter by Quantum Process Tomography
M.W. Mitchell, C.W. Ellenor, S. Schneider, and A.M. Steinberg
Phys. Rev. Lett., 91, 120402 (2003), (quant-ph/0305001)

A Theoretical Approach to Study the Evolution of Aggregation Behavior by Larval Codling Moth, Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
Zaid Jumean, Brian O. Ma, Alex Chubaty, Christopher W. Ellenor, Bernard D. Roitberg, and Gerhard Gries
Published Online First, Journal of Insect Behavior, 7 January 2011

Research Talks

Impedance Measurements to Quantify Coupling to Wires
ISMRM Scientific Workshop, 5-8 September 2012, MR Safety in Practice: Now & In the Future, Lund, Sweden

Dynamics of a BEC colliding with a time-dependent dipole barrier, Decoherence and Control of Vibrational States of Atoms in an Optical Lattice
Institut D'Optique, Palaiseau, France (2007)

Dynamics of a BEC colliding with a time-dependent dipole barrier
Contributed Talk, OSA Annual Meeting (2006)
Contributed Talk, DAMOP Annual Meeting (2006)

Research Posters

Contrast in Visualized Currents Using Reverse Polarization and Pre-Spoiling Twister Gradients
ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Salt Lake City Utah, April 20-26, 2013, p2840 (2013)

A Low-Power, Offline Prescreen to Detect and Suppress Dangerous Currents
ISMRM 21st Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Salt Lake City Utah, April 20-26, 2013, p4411 (2013)

Dynamics of a BEC interacting with a time-dependent repulsive potential with applications to tomography
CIFAR Cold Atoms Workshop (2009)
CIAR Quantum Simulation Meeting (2007)
DAMOP Annual Meeting (2005)

Interaction of a BEC with Dipole Barriers
Banff Cold Atom Meeting (2005)


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