Welcome to my Old Project Page

Posted by Chris on July 29, 2013

I've just resurrected my old project page (this page), that I was working on some time ago. A lot of the "Live" features like seeing how I slept last night are now defunct, and some, like the DMV website scraper didn't survive my last server migration. I'll also try to add some new stuff, like my home wireless environmental sensing network, whenever I get some time.

I don't really expect to actively maintain this page for the next while, so for now, check out one of my fondest memories, building the bed.



Welcome to my Project Page

Posted by Chris on February 18, 2011

I thought it might be fun to start keeping records of some of my small projects here and there - a "blog" of sorts. I think this page will be permanently under construction as I feel out what I want to do with it.



Recent Stuff

Just finished building a new bed. Check out the project blog


Framed up the old PhDs!



Random Stuff

I found this bat-stereo that somebody had thrown out (?!). We've been using a crappy pair of speakers with a headphone jack for bathroom music, so I decided to upgrade. Much louder now, and somewhat better quality. The reason I put it up here is I had to do a bit of a hack - I disconnected the CD deck and ran the audio connection outside the case to be connected to an iPod (via a 3.5mm jack).